I deleted the standard ‘what to put in this section’ information without reading it because I (wrongly) thought I could handle this without instructions, so here are some words:

I’ve been alive for approximately 19 years. They have been good ones, some ups, some downs, but we’re still here which is promising. Some lessons have also been learned along the way, which is why I’m writing this blog. You (whoever you may be) will be privy to my mistakes, errors, and generally terrible life decisions. This leaves you perfectly at liberty to laugh with me, then proceed to make the same errors yourself and learn the lessons I failed to teach.

Because my life has little to no direction, this blog will be the same. There will be sections on my life mistakes, getting into Oxford University, and the fun I’ve had along the way. Life stuff should be listed under ‘Adventures in Unlucky Socks’ somewhere, as will the reasoning behind the name. Oxford stuff will likely be under: ‘Adventures under Dreaming Spires’. There will also be a section called: ‘The Grand Tour De Evensong’, as I’m embarking on an exciting (?) mission to visit all Oxford college Evensongs. We shall see how far these sections take us, hopefully this blog will evolve and become far more fun than I’m making it sound.

With that, enjoy my adventures.