Adventures in Magic Shirt Machines

Most of us look back on our primary school (or elementary school depending which side of the pond you inhabit) with a mixture of sentimentality and probably some melancholy. I tend to review the past with vague embarrassment and regret. One of the reasons I try to relocate and reinvent myself every so often. One … Continue reading Adventures in Magic Shirt Machines

All Souls Evensong

This was an interesting one. Technically All Souls College doesn't do an Evensong as it doesn't have a choir. It's also a very prestigious post-grad/research/I'm-not-really-sure-what-they-do-there college. Plus, their main (?) evening service is on a Wednesday which is a little random, although handy because Will couldn't do this particular Sunday. For these reasons, Will phoned … Continue reading All Souls Evensong